Jukam Rub 10g

Jukam rub is indicated in cold conditions associated with fever, body ache, headache.

Pudina ka phool is a cooling, invigorating, comforting, refreshing and calming properties. It is a decongestant, gives relief from fever, olds, flu,  headaches and sinusitis. Kapoor helps in treating fever and colds. Ajowan ka phool is considered to benefit respiratory system and antiseptic. Nilgiri oil clears stuffed nose and head. Acts as a decongestant, cure fever, cold,  muscular pains, sprains, and aches, headaches and sinusitis. Terpin oil  relieves muscular aches, pains,  cough and sinusitis. Nutmeg oil is analgesic and  antirheumatic.