Antiguity Syrup

When nostrils flow and eyes burn due to cold..

Orange and Strawberry Flavoured :


  •  Controls headache, bodyache and fever due to cold with paracetemol.
  •  Provides chlorpheniramine with dual effect
    •      ​​​​​​​- Checks allergy with antihistaminic effect and produces decongestant effect with anticholinerigic property 
  •  Gives Profound relief in profuesd nasal discharge with decongestant effect with phenylephrine
  •  Helps liquefying think nasal secretion for its easy removal with bromhexine

Product Brochure

Indicated In : 


  • - Allergic cold
  • - Seasonal and perennial rhinitis
  • - Rhinosinusitis
  • - Rninorrhoea
  • - Adjunctive therapy to specific therapy in infective cold due to bacteria or virus